Journey back to medieval Hungary and follow King Memphis II in his quest to fulfill his people's prophecy...

Amidst the political turmoil of thirteenth century Hungary, King Memphis II, an African king and last of the Kamaahr bloodline, seeks to carry out his people’s prophecy. In search of a promised homeland, King Memphis II finds himself involved more and more in the rising tensions of the country and the dissatisfaction with its rulers. The Knights Templar has its own agenda and launches a crusade to capture and kill the African king. Though Memphis doubts himself and his fate, the young and stalwart smith’s apprentice Anton gives him help as his unexpected traveling companion and, more than that, gives him hope. With the weight of everyone lost and left behind on his shoulders, Memphis must discover his purpose in this unforgiving world.


  • Grounded in history, this medieval action and adventure novel follows Memphis’s journey north across the realm of Hungary, portraying European society in the late thirteenth century as well as the culture of Memphis’s original homeland in Central Africa. In this combination of two unlike worlds, the reader may recognize familiar aspects of both, including jousts and crusades from Europe and the rich lore and music of Africa.

Follow Memphis's journey through Europe

Follow the red line to trace Memphis’s journey north.