Memphis II

Memphis II is the rightful king of Kamaahr and the last of his bloodline. The tragedies of his past have left him a lone wanderer, fighting to survive. Though to others Memphis may seem detached, he is a man driven by feeling, powerful emotions bubbling beneath the surface of his steely gaze – fury and hate but also love and compassion. A king of no one, he will go to nearly any length to find purpose.

Anton (2)


Though Anton is only a young smith’s apprentice from a small village, he dreams of great deeds and renown. To him, Memphis seems to be a hero from his childhood stories. Yearning to be a part of bigger things, he serves as the king’s loyal companion. Quickly he discovers that real adventure involves far more hardship and loss than he imagined, and that the real monsters are not the dragons from his stories.



Captain of his troop, Benedek leads his men with focus and understanding. His sense of duty gives him an iron will and his skill with a sword is paralleled by few. Benedek and his troop prove an invaluable ally to Memphis on his quest throughout the treacherous lands of Hungary.