King Memphis II strives to fulfill his purpose, but after the decimation of his tribe and long, aimless journeying it remains elusive to him. In his old homeland in Central Africa, he ruled over a prosperous kingdom. Drought and a divine prophecy, however, urged his people northward. But after years of strife and conflict, only Memphis remains on the trail north. Haunted by the lives of his lost kinsmen and filled with doubt, he travels alone across the adverse country and does the only thing he still can – fight for himself and the memory of his people



At nearly twenty years of age, the ambitious smith’s apprentice leaves his hamlet with Memphis in search of greater and bigger things. Though the idealistic lad may not be entirely prepared for these greater and bigger things when they come, he grows from his experiences and remains a faithful companion to Memphis



A troop of two dozen guards help Memphis on his quest, led by Captain Benedek, a diligent and kind man whose dutiful guards attest to his acumen as a leader. Lorand and Gustav, close brothers, are two competent archers of his troop. Though their line of work is a serious one, with a mug of ale, a blue sky, and the songs of sparrows they can be found at the center of most merrymaking. Henrik is another brave and good-natured warrior, but young as he is he struggles with the difficulties of the road



A generous and personable lord, Elemer is Count of the SzĂ©kelys, an ethnic group of Hungary at the southeast of the country. Also known as the “frontier guards,” they are the first line of defense against the Mongols and other raiders from the Eastern Steppes. Elemer’s daughter Anyu, though somewhat shy, has a great curiosity of the world beyond her city walls. At the arrival of Memphis and Anton, two exotic travelers, she can’t help but be interested. Though she is sad when they must go, she eventually learns on her own what dangers and wonders the outside world holds



The daughter of a chieftain, Fatima takes up her father’s mantle to free her kinsmen from the Archbishop’s vassal and his soldiers. Her people, once a nomadic tribe from the Eastern Steppes, settled in Hungary for protection from the Mongols. As pagans, they face prejudice from Christian society, but Fatima, a proud and fiery spirit, leads her people to regain their identity



Though a troubadour and minstrel at heart, Bertrand joined Elemer’s military for the enticement of a soldier’s wages. But even in service to his lord, he hasn’t given up his instruments or his extravagant tales. Told with a strong French accent, these never fail to entertain an audience



The highest Catholic presence in Hungary, Lodomer goes to great lengths to ensure the predominance of the Holy Roman Church. With the papal legate – a representative of the Pope – and the provincial Master of Hungary, who oversees the Knights Templar in the kingdom, the Archbishop tries to convert the pagans and maintain order in the strained land.



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